Do Not, I Repeat, Do NOT Read This Blog!


It is the start of a new year, yet still I persist in writing this blog. In a little more than six months I will be celebrating the four-year anniversary of GayDinosaurTales. What earthly reason would anyone have to continue reading these postings? As Montserrat Caballe, opera diva, questioned in her charming Spanish accent, just before singing her third or fourth encore at a concert I was privileged to attend years ago, “Dun’t you peepole haff a bus to catch?”

I can save you mucho trouble and possible eyestrain by giving here a brief heads up. David and I will be going to Montreal again during my spring break. We will do all the same things I’ve written about countless times. We’ll be in Provincetown to celebrate our ‘sort of anniversary’ as in the previous eleven years this coming May, following up with our full week in August. I’ve already put the deposit check in the mail for that one. I’m hoping to find a few days to visit NYC at some point. Maybe see a show. Catch up with the few cronies still there from my KSU days.

Besides the above usual diversions, I am taking time off to have cataract surgery on my left eye (a little earlier than the ophthalmologist anticipated), and my obligatory five-year date with the colonoscopy doctor. No offense Katie Couric, but for me there are still a few things I do not feel obliged to share here.

And of course it is impossible for me to not write about an old boyfriend or two or three–most of whom are all pushing up daisies due to AIDS–or more alarming these days–natural causes, i.e. old age. My suggestion would be rather than reading GayDinosaurTales, why not do a bit of charitable work and visit your local nursing home. There are so many lonely folks who would love to visit with a kind face who’d lend an ear to listening to stories of their high school antics, their first job in 1961, or perhaps a recounting of the day their eldest was born. All of these stories clearer than the day of the week, or whether the meal their stomach is currently digesting is breakfast or dinner.

Think of the time you would save by not reading this drivel. You could be freed up for more Grindr, Ok Cupid or Craig’s List. Is there ever too much Facebook in anybody’s day? Not only will you be able to rant more about your favorite political cause, you’ll have time to LIKE pictures of not just your FB friends’ cute kitties and puppies, but also those viral animal videos from Italy or Montenegro, or the exotic Philippines!

I believe it must have been some well-intentioned blogger in the not too distant past, who attempted to breathe new meaning into the word ‘musings’. Instead, it is perhaps only a hollow excuse for the rambling memories of one who in truth, is no longer relevant in the real world. Now go catch that bus.

14 thoughts on “Do Not, I Repeat, Do NOT Read This Blog!

  1. I have never once read anything remotely resembling drivel here. I’ve been captivated by your stories, your history and your voice since you found me–allowing me, in turn, to blissfully find you.

    1. You are already my friend. I love you like a brother. I am wrestling with life, my purpose, like an aging gladiator. And like a good friend, you have come to offer your strength. So sweet.

  2. Hey there, my blogging buddy, first things first, I caught the bus and the ride was boring…extremely boring. I’d rather read here than repeat that mistake! Secondly, I’ve never found anything dull on these pages. Some posts more entertaining than others, perhaps, but never too bland to be considered a waste of time. Truth is, I’d prefer to be here on these cold, dreary winter evening than anyplace else (the exception being any tropical beach)! Much love and naked hugs, my friend! 🙂

  3. I laughed out loud at your Caballe quote! But why would we need a bus? Your stories are like a hansom cab ride through Central Park in the snow. Fun. Nostalgic. Romantic. Inviting. Beautiful. And a real joy to read – especially, I suppose, for your fellow travelers. So M: go into winter hibernation if you must… but I’ll be hoping that spring puts the bee back in your bonnet.

    1. Only celebrating a pity party at this writing. Frustrated that there are so little followers. But then it hits me that I am really only doing this for me, anyway. People like you are amazing perks. Thanks for your lovely words of support.

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