A bientôt

So I got this email from WordPress, telling me it was time to renew my domain registry to maintain my blog. That means this coming September would be four years of blogging–and lots and lots of words. Time to take stock.

I began this process to get down onto the page, those stories, faces and feelings collected through my years on this planet. Motivation is not something I have in abundance. Maybe a blog would give me deadlines to push my lazy self a little, was my rationale. Here we are.

Now I need to begin working to put my accumulation so far into some logical sequence for a memoir. Much of what has become Gay Dinosaur Tales fits well into the format I’ve envisioned. Much was fun to write and is still fun to read but won’t serve in the outline I’ve structured. And then there are those gaping holes–missing stories I still need to write.

I hope to keep you posted somehow on my progress. It still amazes me, how one-time-strangers have found me and followed me. No longer strangers, I have made some incredible ‘cyber-friends’ who have joined me through this journey. I would hate to lose you. I’m keeping my Twitter account GayDinosaurTales for anyone who wants to stay in touch that way, (and promise to tweet more). I will also better use my Facebook page, so feel free to like GDT for updates.

Thanks again for reading. Wish me luck. Send good energy my way. Keep in touch. Stay tuned.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

10 thoughts on “A bientôt

  1. I have read every word. I have loved every post. In fact, these past four years of GDT’s has made me love you even more than I ever did. Thank you and keep us posted on your next journey. Wishing you all the best my friend.

    1. It isn’t a shock seeing that you would be the first to comment, Susan. Thank you friend, for all the encouragement and insight. We have quite a history ourselves, WB, UMass, and GC. March on!
      Love you lots.

  2. Though very late to the party, it’s been a pleasure; I’ve found each post of yours to be an enjoyable and touching read. I don’t tend to ‘do’ social media elsewhere, but that said, I’ll be sure to creep up on your Twitter. Cheerio for now, and all the very best!

  3. Although I’m sad to see you go, I fully understand the decision. I’ve immediately added you on Twitter and FB–looking forward to staying in touch. It still is a miracle to me that you went to school with my friend, Sharon, at Kent State, and randomly found me writing about her on the internet. Strangely beautiful how the world works, isn’t it?

    1. I have mixed feelings about ending the blog, but the reason I started it was to put together a memoir. It is slow going editing the blog into book form, but I seem to be getting a handle on it. The idea of peddling my life to publishers is not something I relish. Thanks for being a follower. I’m enjoying your life.

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