A Little About GayDinosaurTales

GayDinosaurTales is a project I began four years ago, attempting to make sense out of my disjointed life so far. In the process of recording my memoir, I hoped it might entertain strangers and recruit them as vicarious members of the family I’ve collected for myself along the way. My hope is, something within these pages will strike a chord.

Some Reader Favorites are: Celebrate Good Times – or – When Being Gay Was No Longer Gay, Show Me Yer’ Dick, and Sissy Boy.

A few of my personal favorites are: Rent Boy Bobby, The Afternoon the Queen Met Me, and Aunt Charlotte, in the Back Bedroom, With the Pink Light Bulb.

Unless we remember we cannot understand.

E. M. Forster

3 thoughts on “A Little About GayDinosaurTales

  1. Best blog title bar none. For the record, I have a stuffed dinosaur which I take on vacations for good luck, but he’s actually metro-sexual. -Dave

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